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My predictions for this decade: embracing another roaring 20s

What a wonderful time to be alive. We live in a rapidly transforming society, like in no other time. Each moment can be the last one of the way we are used to seeing the world, to interacting with it and to making a sense of it; everything can be changed overnight. Of course, that generates a new kind of anxiety, one that yesterday people wouldn’t have to struggle with; it is as if we couldn’t count on a firm ground anymore. For people who like a more calm life, this whole unpredictability certainly can feel overwhelming. A globalized world, in which any event, in any part, is instantaneously known and matters; a world in which groups of people are dedicating their lives to come up with new ways to live, creating hardware, inventing services, developing software. For the most part of human civilization, there was none of that -- then, came the capitalism. Who would foresee that the most meaningful thing of the last decade would be all the power given to the individual by smartphones